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DC has been a member of MDR since the Spring of 2009. He broadcasts 2 shows a week - Monday and Thursday mornings 10:00 - 12:00. His shows include the features DC's Double, Back to Back, Record of the Day, Quiz Questions, Details of local events and your Requests and Dedications.


DC has a broad taste in music but his favourite artists include Status Quo, Dire Straits, Metallica, Alice Cooper, AC/DC, The Almighty, Nickelback, Kreator, Anthrax and Slayer.

DC enjoys playing Guitar and Bass, he loves Pet Rats and is a keen follower of Brighton and Hove Albion FC.


DC may only be 5'7'' but he has a big heart and big personality. His most frequently asked Question is ''What does DC stand for?'' but he will never say as it is Top secret lol