Frequently asked questions

How do I send in a request to the studio?

To the get in touch with one of our presenters you can do so in the folowing ways By clicking the ' Send a song request' button at the top right corner of the home page, fill in the form and send it to us. you can also email: or by phone on 01444 441350 If your a patient in the Hospital you can use your Hospedia bedside unit by pressing star key 800 to get trough to us in the studio. ( radio is free in the hospedia bedside unit ) ask a nurse to show you how to get set up.

How do I listen to mid downs radio?

You can listen to us via our listen live player on our homepage. By downloading the Tunein app on for your smartphone or tablet and searching for Mid Downs Radio Click here to download You can also Listen to us on other platerforms listed below or you can search on google for LISTEN TO MID DOWNS RADIO. .. My tuner visit website here If your a patient in the Hospital you can listen to us in the folowing way.. Pick up the handset. press hospital radio... press select and either press the headset sign to listen on headphones or de-select to listen through TV. This applies to the other radio stations too.

The live player in the site wont play? what can I do to listen to the station!

If your using a Mac/PC to listen to us via our website and the player won't load then click here to use the alternative player. or download the TuneIn app for your smartphone or tablet and listen to us on the go. Let us know the issue your having so we can investigate futher by contacting us

How do I add the website as a bookmark on my device?

Phones, iPads and iPods Open the site in Safari on your device. Tap the Share icon .
Note: The Share icon appears next to the browser bar at the top on iPads and on the bottom bar for iPhones and iPods. Tap Add to Home Screen. Enter a name for the bookmark. Click Add. Android Open the site in Chrome on your device. Tap the Menu button  at the top right. Tap Add to homescreen. Enter a name for the bookmark.