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John O'

About me

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John has been an avid music fan since the 1960’s, particularly influenced by the offshore  radio stations which served up a varied diet of pop music that was available at the touch of the radio dial. 

Enjoying radio so much John decided to try his hand at doing his own music program. In 1985 he joined Colwell Radio, playing big band sounds and traditional pop to the clients and staff of ‘St Francis’, the psychiatric hospital based in Haywards Heath. His claim to fame is he once appeared on the BBC TV’s South East Today program!

With the closure of St. Francis Hospital in 1994, John joined Mid Downs Radio. “In the past twenty-plus years”, he remarks, “MDR has kept up with technology and  moved to free-to-air broadcasts that can be picked up on any radio tuned into 1350 AM, is available via the patient’s Hospedia bedside console, and can be heard online around the world – fantastic!”

Currently John presents the 10 – 12 slot on Tuesday’s, his program aptly named  ‘Tuesday AM’ and playing a broad mix of tunes from the 50’s to today’s Top 40, looking to select the songs of yester-year that rarely get airplay anywhere else.

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