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About me


As a boy I wanted to become a BBC announcer or cricket commentator, but this did not materialise and I spent my career in International banking. After retirement, for some years  I recorded Christian books, and read for the Haywards Heath based Yews Talking News for the visually impaired and also read regularly for National Talking Newspapers in Heathfield.

I have always enjoyed the popular music and songs of my younger years, great bands and crooners etc., and when my role at Heathfield ended I looked around and thought perhaps I could be of use to Mid-Downs Radio.

I received excellent training for the technical operation of the studio, and, following my successful audition, I thoroughly enjoy presenting a weeky programme of popular music and songs from yesteryear and some items of local news from Mid-Sussex under the title of 'In the Mood'

I am a life-long supporter of Sussex County Cricket Club and Brighton and Hove Albion. Do tune in for my show on at 12 noon on  Mondays.

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