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Kenny Glasspool

About me


Loved the radio as long as I can remember.  Listened to the Navy Lark & Two-

Way Family Favourites on a Sunday lunchtime.  

I was 12 years old when I spent all my birthday money on a radio.  I WAS that young

person listening late into the night under the bed covers listening to Radio Luxembourg.

It was then I decided I was going to be a DJ…….so 53 years later…here I am.

So, who inspired me on the radio? Rod Lucas. …..Adrian Juste…..Danny Baker….and

the great Kenny Everett. 

I live pretty much all music….but I particularly like Northern Soul…..he Girl Groups of

the 50s & 60s……. the Surfing Sound. ……..Punk & Rock…….Reggae & Lovers Rock. 

Hope to play music that makes you smile, shouting out. “Oh Wow, not heard this in

ages” or “Never heard this before, he better tell us who it is at the end?”  

All done with a bit of humour.

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