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About me

Linda Wishart

After working in the same hospital for many years Linda was well aware that Mid Downs Hospital Radio did a great job for the patients and staff, and for the community with their OEU relaying what was going on in the district and relaying it all back on air to the patients.

One November day Linda was helping to manage an animal charity stall at an event close to the hospital and before she knew what was happening she had a furry microphone in front of her and she was being asked about the Animal Charity by one of MDR’s Roving Reporters!  At the end of the interview she was asked if she had a message for the folks and she said “Just be kind to your pussies at Christmas!”  

This, she later said, was such a crass statement as everyone knows you should be kind to animals all the time.  Later, she found the Roving Reporter and apologised for her remark.  She was very surprised when he smiled and said “You’re the right type of person we need as a Presenter.”  When Linda visited the MDR Studios she was hooked  Fourteen years later she still feels the enthusiasm and privilege she felt all those years ago.  

Linda is interested in writing and two pantomimes and a short play she has written have been broadcast on MDR.  Linda says “I feel I am really part of a team who have gone from strength to strength and I believe that Hospital Radio can evolve even further with such dedication to communicate and inform - and bring a smile.

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