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About me

Alex Jones_edited.jpg

An aspiring  stand-up comedian and producer/director Alex has joined MDR with a view tolearning more about music” and “dropping the occasional gag in”. 


Alex’s musical tastes range from 50’s and 60’s tracks right through to 00’s classics but ask him what’s on his MP3 player and he would have to admit it was dance and trance. Thankfully for listeners he won’t be playing much of it as MDR is perhaps not the best forum for hard techno!

 Alex lives in Haywards Heath and grew up in Lindfield. They obviously put something in the soil round there because he didn’t stop growing until he was 18. At 6ft 7inches tall, his least favourite question to be asked is “What’s the weather like up there?” 


Alex has long had an interest in radio, listening to a variety of comedy and factual programmes from an early age. He very much hopes that listeners will enjoy being on his evolving musical journey as much as he does.

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